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si agimat at si enteng kabisote 2010

20 Mar

si agimat at si enteng kabisote 2010

si agimat at si enteng kabisote 2010

SI AGIMAT AT SI ENTENG KABISOTE is a 2010 action comedy fantasy film directed by Tony Reyes which stars the two box office kings of Philippine cinema, Vic Sotto and Sen. Bong Revilla. Uniting their famous characters(Agimat and Enteng Kabisote) in one blockbuster movie which grossed a P31M on its opening day. SI AGIMAT AT SI ENTENG KABISOTE is an entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Filmfest.

There is trouble brewing in the world of Agimat and monsters are scaring and kidnapping children. The monsters seem capable of travelling in other worlds and Agimat is able to crossover with them to Encantasia, the world of Faye, Ina Magenta and our hero, Enteng Kabisote. The fairies wonder why monsters are able to cross worlds. Agimat is amazed of the other world and hopes that things in his world would turn out better. His dream one day is to have a happy family like Enteng’s. The story unfolds. Satana is the one ordering the monsters to snatch children so that she can use their blood to revive Ragat, the powerful lord of darkness. Satana will also need a blood of a fairy, and Faye is the perfect choice. Enteng now has to rescue his wife. And he will get Agimat to help him battle the monsters and the dark lord.


1.giddiness of Gwen Zamora; No one can do Ina Magenta justice than Charito Solis.

2.love teams unless integral to the story; Bea Binene demonstrated her martial arts prowess in a fight scene but having her and Jake Vargas in just a couple of scenes is ridiculous

3.never-been basketball stars as villains; not Benjie Paras, the other one

4.ER Ejercito; no one can play praning na adik (because paranoid addict just sounds too soft) better than him but I have heard quite a number of complaints in Laguna that our governor is an absentee public official; be good because election is just around the corner

5.sword fights; more fight scenes

6.Prinsipe K; Is he still around because I cannot think of another tap-dancing magical character?

7.special effects; better special effects

So do I want to live in their world? No. I chose the Kabisote residence over other magical places. Seriously, I love the banter between the Kabisotes and their house helpers. They make me want to live there while Agimat just makes me feel depress. (In a life and death situation, I’ll chose Enteng over the action star to save the world because he still comes out victorious despite product placements.) If it is indeed true that Filipinos dream simple (I do not subscribe to this.) – a house, a decent work and happy family – then the Kabisotes are living the dream. You feel good when it gets better and feel bad whenever someone breaks the Kabisote vibe.



  • Vic Sotto as Enteng Kabisote
  • Sen. Bong Revilla as Agimat
  • Aiza Seguerra as Aiza Kabisote
  • Oyo Boy Sotto as Benok Kabisote
  • Mikylla Ramirez as Ada Kabisote
  • Gwen Zamora as Faye
  • Sam Pinto as Samara
  • Amy Perez as Ina Magenta
  • Peque Gallaga as Ermitanyo
  • Bing Loyzaga as Satana
  • Jorge Estregan Jr.
  • Benjie Paras
  • Alex Crisano as Balgog
  • Jose Manalo as Jose
  • Wally Bayola as BG
  • Ruby Rodriguez as Amy
  • Jillian Ward as Bebeng
  • Barbie Forteza as Bratty
  • Joshua Dionisio as
  • Bea Binene as
  • Jake Vargas as
  • King Gutierrez as Sartonia
  • Rufa Mae Quinto
  • Boobay
  • Mang Enriquez
  • Shalala
  • John Feir
  • Marissa Delgado
  • Bayani Casimiro
  • EB Babe Saida as Engkantada


While the movie opened at #1 on December 25, 2010 with P31,000,000 in ticket sales, it was criticized for being predictable, having sexual innuendos, and having some home-truths as to how Filipino viewers idealize heroism and romance. Also noted is how the film tries to play fair when it comes to mixing the two heroes together.

In an online review, Philbert Ortiz Dy described Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote as “really nothing more than a commercial proposition” and that it “took the two highest grossing stars of Filmfests prior and stuffed them together with little rhyme or reason, putting them in the same fantasy adventure settings that made them so successful. There’s precious little love to be found within these frames, all the elements of the film existing for the pure fact that they worked before. This doesn’t even feel like the movie the filmmakers wanted to make.”

Although the critical reception was not too good, the movie still ended making P159 million by the end of the festival and went on to have extended showings in theaters.