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Magkaribal- Gelai Agustin VS Victoria Valera

8 Nov
Magkaribal Book1

Magkaribal Book1

A new and budding fashion designer named Gelai Agustin (Bea Alonzo) is Victoria Valera’s (Gretchen Barretto) long lost sister. Anna/Victoria and Angela/Gelai were orphaned at a young age, separated by a series of events and brought together again. Angela was adopted by a simple couple and her adoptive father re-named her “Gelai”. Anna was also adopted by a wealthy business man and was re-named Victoria. The story also follows Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Louie (Derek Ramsay) who discovers that Gelai is really Angela, the girl he met when they were both kidnapped as children.

Angela and Anna’s mother, Stella (Dimples Romana), was a seamstress while their father, Manuel (James Blanco/Mark Gil), went to Milan to work. While in Milan, Manuel met and fell in love with a wealthy model and a fashion designer named Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino). When Manuel went back to the Philippines, Stella got very angry at him because he never replied to her letters. Manuel explained the situation and Stella forgave him. Soon, Manuel decided to leave his wife and children to live with Vera. Later, Vera and Manuel adopt a girl named Chloe (Erich Gonzales) after Vera has a miscarriage that leaves her unable to have children. She blames her circumstances on Anna/Victoria.

Angela and Anna witnessed Manuel and Vera hugging; this led to a confrontation between Anna and Vera where Vera pushed and injured Anna. In tears, Anna returned home and showed her wounded arm to her mother and later, Stella went to Vera’s house to confront her but Vera avoided her. As Vera drove away, Stella was accidentally hit and killed by an oncoming vehicle; Anna was there to witnessed the tragedy unfold.

Orphaned and on the run from people trying to place them into an orphanage, Angela and Anna lived on streets. Angela soon gets sick from eating garbage and was rushed to the hospital by her older sister, Anna. To earn money, the 15-year-old Anna worked as a prostitute. One day, she returned to the hospital only to see that it was on fire, with her sister nowhere to be found and most likely dead. As it turns out, Angela was actually kidnapped by men who made children work as beggars on the streets. This is where Angela became friends with a little boy, “Dos” (the future Louie), who was also a captive. Devastated and alone, Anna was adopted by Ronaldo Valera (Robert Arevalo) and was sent abroad.

Years later, Angela as Gelai Agustin, becomes a poor designer that continues both her and her sister’s dreams of becoming top Philippine designers. Anna who is now Victoria Valera becomes an international model and designer who gets revenge on Vera Cruz by stealing her place as the top Philippine designer and trying to take over Vera’s company; all in the name of keeping her and her sister’s dreams alive.

10 killer lines from Vera and Victoria.

 Magkaribal is dramatic and decadent, the best kind of escapist entertainment.

 1. “Love is a liability. It makes you do the most stupid things. Punyetang pagmamahal ‘yan!” -Victoria to Ronaldo (Robert Arevalo), her adoptive father
 2. “Sinasabi ko na nga ba! Everybody bows down to the queen.” -Vera to her employees, after being told that Victoria has backed out of a fashion show.

3.“You want war? I’ll give you war. Sabihin mo lang kung saan at kailan. I’ll be there in my red stilettos.” -Victoria to Vera, when the former goes to the latter’s office to confront her

4. “That sneaky, social-climbing whore! If it’s a showdown Victoria wants…then ‘yun ang ibibigay ko sa kanya.” -Vera talking about Victoria

5. “I have been in the fashion business for three decades. Boss ako. Designer ka. Kung sinabi kong tumalon ka, tatalon ka. Kung ‘di mo kaya, umalis ka.“ -Vera to Gelai (Bea Alonzo), a young designer who’s also Victoria’s long-lost sister (though none of them know it yet)

6. “Oh, my dear evil, aging stepmother, I’m not just looking for any kind of job. I already have one. Now, I want yours.” -Victoria to Vera

7. “If Victoria wants to play dirty, then I can roll in the mud with her.” -Vera to Donna (Nina Ricci Alagao), her assistant and favorite confidante

Model-actress Angel Aquino is anything but an angel when she plays Vera Cruz.

8. “Basta ako, ayaw ko ng laban that would take years in court. I want Vera’s quick and painful downfall. That’s how I’ll get her.” -Victoria to Ronaldo

9. “Kulang na kulang pa ‘yan Vera, dahil isinusumpa ko sa ‘yo: pagbabayaran mo lahat ng ginawa mo sa akin. Kukunin ko lahat ng ninakaw mo sa akin. Wala akong ititira sa ‘yo, maski na pangalan mo.“ -Victoria to Vera, in a confrontation scene staged in the ladies’ room

10. “What are we, Louie? Aren’t we just two people having sex?” -Victoria to Louie (Derek Ramsay), her boy toy